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Prop Tart Studios is a small craft shop based in the Greater Chicagoland area. Specializing in embroidered cards, wedding keepsakes and wall art, we also have paper flowers and wreaths.  Check out our etsy shop or send an email to ask about custom items!

Our name comes from an opening night tradition in the Santa Fe Opera Prop Shop, the crowning of the Prop Tart Queen.


Aimee Plant is a properties artisan, working mostly in theatre and opera.  She started doing stick-and-stitch embroidery in 2014 with special occasion cards for friends.  Facing a paper flower project, she invested in a die cut machine, and Prop Tart Studios bloomed.  (She's also a big fan of terrible word play.)  She is very proud to be the Santa Fe Opera Prop Tart Queen of 2011.

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